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Here I am!
How do you do? Have you had a great Christmas? First of all, I wish you a wonderful new year, full of joy and happiness! ^__^
I hope you'll like these new creations, inspired by winter season! ^__^

These are some yummy tree cookies, used as stud earrings ^_^ they are really tiny, only 1 cm big.

These ones are mini snowmen (1 cm big) and I really like them ^_^

Have a nice weekend!

News news news

Hello everyone! How do you do? Have you had a great summer?
I am so busy these times, with exams at the university and two (yes, two!) shops to keep updated (and two galleries as well)!
I've created a facebook page to become coffishop friends! If you want, take a look and join!

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Today I'll show you my last creations!

Here there are the marshmallow earrings! I've made two versions, one pink+orange and one green+blue!

I've also created some pink sweets. Nothing particular, they're very simple.

And now some older creations, which I LOVE!

Strawberry studs and strawberry hairpins! Yay!

Some hairpins

Here there are some hairpins I made ^__^
I love hairpins, they're one of my favourite accessories!
When I had shorter hair I used to wear them a lot ^__^



Pink pink pink

I love pink. I think it's the most girly, cute and sweet color. I want to make a pink collectiooooooon <3
I also like all pastel colors, such as mint, light blue, lilac ^_^ I'll surely use them in my new creations! ♥
I would like to make some lolita stuff, but I'm not good in making silicon cream xD when I try I only do a huge mess xD
I think I'll start making necklaces..I love them! ^_^
I have so many projects and a little time XD we'll see what I'll make!


Finally I've changed coffishop.com layout!
Less pink, more cuteness! P:

And I found out that making realistic looking miniatures can be very very funny! I think I'm improving ^__^ I love experimenting!
Some time ago I tried making a breakfast. Pancakes (never eaten one but I bet they taste great P:) cinnamon rolls (same as the pancakes xD) bread slices, pears, cheesecake (totally in love with this) cookies and croissant (croissants and caffelatte are THE BEST.)
I particularly like the butter effect on the pancake ^_^
I also bought some plates and microspheres on ebay, so I can't wait to use them!
See you soon, and happy Easter!

Miniature pastries

Long time no see!!

Last night I've made these miniature pastries!! I'm totally in love with them!!
I'll make some of them into stud earrings, the others will be doll miniatures ^__^

Mini cookies for everybody!

Yesterday evening I was experimenting with my new kemper klay cutters ^_^
I have to say they are super!! Very versatile and small! I made some mini cookies, in 1:12 scale.. I then transformed some into studs earrings ^__^ here's the result! (each cookie is only 0,5 cm big!)
What do you think of them?
They're for sale in my etsy shop! ^__^ www.coffishop.etsy.com


Under the sea

These were inspired by eleonora, a girl who asked me to make some crab earrings and charm ^__^ et voilà!
I've made a jellyfish and an octopus too!!! Do you like them?

the crab charm!

the jellyfish charm!

the octopus charm!

and TADAAAAN!! all together!! ^__^

Ladybugs & summer

Here in Milan it has been sooo rainy during all spring!
Finally, it's sunny and hot! ^______^
So I made these ladybugs and sent them to a spanish girl for a swap! I think they're very simple but also cute! ^__^

I have to say I'm experimenting a lot with clay :P I finally understood how to make the ice cream texture!

Yay!!! And I am preparing some new fresh designs for summer!!! I can't wait to show you!! ^___^


Flickr group

Yay!! Today I've opened my first flickr group!! *_*
I like very much sweets, desserts, cakes, candies and everything yummy :3 so the name is yummy clay!
This because members can post only creations with clay/polymer clay! ^__^

Here it's the link, if you're interested or want to take a look to all that talented artists!